Hymn to Portugal

From Fernando Pessoa to Amália, passing through some of our most iconic symbols, this collection is a hymn to our “Portugueseness”! 
15 designs available in the format 20x20 cm and 10 bases available in 10x20 cm.

20x20 | Design

10x20 | Bases


Be creative!

Available in 7 colour options, all the 5 designs match each other so you can easily pair them to create beautiful patterns.

Available in 7 colours

Wall tiles in the format 15x15 cm, available in 7 colour options.


Peaceful and harmonious environments

BOHO is a contemporary and romantic collection in harmony with nature.
Get inspired by pastel colours to create peaceful and harmonious environments, ideal for relaxing!

Available in 2 colours

Available in the format M15x30 cm with designs in salmon or violet colours.