About us

Ceragni is a company producing wall tiles. At Ceragni you can find a selection of tiles ideal for your home or for your business.

Since the foundation in 2007, made to reborn a factory that continuously invested in technical development, to diversify the products ranges and to give the clients a good service.

With passion, Ceragni team won all challenges and everyday tries to produce more and better.  It always develops new products with emotion and passion that tries to share with the clients. Ceragni employees 50 workers and is based in Pampilhosa do Botão (Mealhada, Portugal).

Always defending the social and cultural values without any discrimination of gender, nationality, race or any others.

Quality control

done by professionals

Ceragni searches the perfection of its products. A diversified team including engineers, designers and other technicians everyday studies and makes quality controls to grant a perfect match of Ceragni tiles to the places decoration.

Tradition and modernity


Ceragni collections mean tradition products but also modern products. After starting the activity by producing 15x15 tiles, it evolved to new sizes, finishes and colours. Nowadays Ceragni still offers the traditional products but also some new sizes and finishes such as 7,5x15 cm, 10x20 cm, 10x30 cm, 15x30 cm, 20x25 cm, 20x30 cm.

Manufacturing process

Ceragni uses the best raw materials provided by the most reliable word producers. Over the years some new modern equipment were installed to grant the best quality product. Ceragni team always searches the continuous improvement of products and proceeds, choosing innovation as a means to increasingly serve its customers.

Ceragni products are suitable for both residential decorations and for public and high traffic area. They are offered with several aesthetical effects to permit the most diverse decor solutions.

By having all the ceramic products technical advantages, Ceragni uses advanced production processes that guarantee the final consumer a product with excellent characteristics for fixing such as stain resistance, chemical products and easy to clean.

From Portugal to the world

more than 20 countries

Ceragni has a close partnership and cooperation with the professional distributors, in the domestic and international markets and exports about 97% of its all production.

Its products are distributed in more than 20 countries such as France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, Estonia, Latvia, Canada and Australia.


short delivery times

Ceragni always finds the perfect solution of transport to fit each client needs. Its good logistic organisation and the existing agreements with some transport companies always permit to find the best solutions to deliver any order to the client in short time.

Ceragni is a specialist in small formats

Environment commitment

Our policy of environment protection is aimed to reduce the environment impact, from industrial process to the final customer. Ceragni seeks to minimize waste and maximize energetic efficiency, taking into account the safety of people and the environment.

Ceramic tile composition includes feldspars, quartz, clay, Kaolin and “fritas”, none of which are dangerous substances. After the thermic process, it is inert without any danger for the environment.

Social commitment

Ceragni cooperates with several social solidarity organisations by supporting its activity and sponsoring social and cultural initiatives.

Inside our organisation, Ceragni seeks to strengthen team spirit among its employees. Choosing social intervention as one of its main values, it is concerned and works to improve the well-being of its employees.